The Best Dab Tools

February 12, 2023

Every dab lover needs the right dab tools to go to the moon. The right tools make it easy to vape your favorite concentrates, and ensure you always get a smooth and uninterrupted vaping experience. But what is a dab tool, and how do you use it?

A dab tool is used in conjunction with an oil rig or torch to create small amounts of vaporized cannabis concentrate known as dabs. The main purpose of using a dab tool is to heat up wax material so that it will produce vapors when smoked. The resulting product is called “dabs” which contain concentrated THC. When smoking concentrates through a dab tool, users inhale these high-quality dabs instead of regular buds.

How to Choose A Dab Tool

Dab tools are made from many materials and are made for multiple tasks. The material needs to be heat-resistant and needs to interact with fire and heat as little as possible, so you don’t accidentally inhale toxic fumes or melt your tool. That’s why most pieces are made of inert materials, like glass, titanium, quartz, stainless steel, or ceramic. Then, you have to get the right tool for the job.

Very liquid concentrates need scoops to be handled, while thicker concentrates may need sharp paddles to serve. Ball tips are great to shatter hard concentrates. Having a variety of dab tools will ensure you’re always ready for any dabbing experience.

The Essential Dab Tools

 Here are the basic dab tools to complete your collection, and full kits to start a new one!

Dab Scoop - Titanium Concentrate Tool with Spoon End Tip

Perfect for liquid and sticky concentrates, scoops allow you to handle concentrates like you would with a small, sturdy spoon. With them, you can easily grab your concentrate and safely drop it into your rig.

This concentrate tool is made out of durable titanium and features a ballpoint tip at the other end to shatter hard concentrates. The grooved edges provide better grip, and the titanium can withstand any temperature you set your dab rig at.

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Tool & Carb Cap Combo - Scepter Dab Tool & Bubble Cap

A carb cap is a small piece of metal that sits on top of your glass bowl or bong. It helps you control the airflow when you’re taking a rip, and help you avoid wasting your valuable concentrate.

This carb cap/dabber combo allows you to handle liquid concentrates with one end, and flip the tool over to cap your dab, so you don’t have to get a carb cap. The bubble-shaped carb makes it easy to redirect the airflow, and the thick, borosilicate glass construction ensures your tool endures for longer.

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Blades And Paddles - Double-Sided Titanium Dab Tool

If you want to handle crumby or solid materials, you need tools to cut through them and handle them easily.

This double-sided dab tool features a trident tip on one end to slice and grab denser and solid materials. The other end has a spear tip to help you pierce or shatter hard materials and help you divide them more easily.

Made out of grade 2 titanium, this tough tool will likely last you until the next generation of dabbers comes along.

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To-Go Dab Tools - Greenstone Steel Magnetic Dab Kit

Every dabber needs to have a to-go kit ready to take to any party or session. After all, no one likes to get all set just to find that they don’t have a lighter or a good tool to handle the sticky concentrates.

The Greenstone Steel Magnetic Dab Tool Poker and Lighter Kit has everything you need to get a session started. You get a dab tool that doubles as a poker and 4 high-powered magnets, plus 3 silicone bands to easily attach this kit to your dab rig or bong. That way, you’re not looking for your dab tools every time you want to take a rip.

Just pack a lighter, and you’re ready to go!

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Simple Dab Tool Set - EO Vape Dab Tool Kit

All dabbing enthusiasts end up with an assortment of mismatching tools that they’ve got as they’ve needed them. We’ve met people with makeshift dab tools in their “travel container” (aka plastic bag) because they never get around to getting proper tools.

This 5-Piece Dab Tool Kit by EO Vape prevents you from being that guy.

This kit includes five double-ended dab tools made out of stainless steel with a rainbow anodized feeling. With this kit, you’re sure to have everything you need to slice, scoop, shatter, and serve any concentrate.

Upgrade your stash with this affordable kit.

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Final Thoughts

If you vape a lot, it's preferable to have the right dab tools. It doesn't matter if you want to smoke waxes, oils or concentrates. At Grasscity we offer all kinds of dab tools for the dabs you like for the best prices. 

Go to our dab tool collection, and don’t forget to check out our dab rigs to get everything you need before your next smoke sesh.



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