Top 10 Best Spoon Pipes

February 12, 2023

Looking to buy a new spoon pipe?

Spoon pipes are amazing for smoking. Simply pinch some of your favorite herbs and pack them into the pipe. No rolling cigarettes or bong that needs prepping.

The best spoon pipe for you will elevate your smoking sessions and guarantee you always have a piece to smoke from.

Here are our 10 favorite spoon pipes and why we love them!

1. Best Spoon Pipe Overall - Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe is a durable and gorgeous spoon pipe that will quickly become your favorite.

This spoon pipe is made out of hand-blown, thick borosilicate glass, which feels nice and heavy in hand. It features a carb hole and a generous-sized bowl, perfect for sharing or for longer smoking sessions.

Forget about looking for metal screens before smoking! This pipe also comes with a built-in ash catcher to prevent a mouth full of ash and improve your smoke sesh.

If you want a resilient glass spoon pipe that will last you for ages if maintained properly, you’ll love this beautiful piece.

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2. Best Large Spoon Pipe - Grav Labs Large Spoon Pipe

Made by GRAV Labs, this large spoon pipe is perfect for sharing. With a surprisingly pocket-friendly design, this large pipe is very versatile and easy to pack to take the party anywhere.

Made out of sturdy USA-made glass, this large spoon pipe features a bulbous mouthpiece and a carb hole to improve your smoking sessions, and it’s adorned with the GRAV logo.

Grav Labs made the spoon pipe in different pretty colors, so there is one for everyone's preferences! Buy it now in your favorite color!

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3. Most Affordable Spoon Pipe - Famous Design Surrender Taster Hand Pipe

This stylish, affordable spoon pipe made by Famous Brandz is the perfect budget piece to smoke out of.

Although the piece is very affordable, its borosilicate glass construction makes it very durable and resilient. The pipe features a surprisingly roomy bowl and a carb hole to keep you in control of your smoking experience.

If you want a reliable backup or even an affordable daily piece, you can’t go wrong with this sleek and minimalist spoon pipe.


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4. Best Spoon Pipe Experience - Marley Natural Black Walnut Spoon Pipe

The Black Walnut Spoon Pipe is another beautiful spoon pipe by Marley Natural. It features a hand-blown borosilicate glass bowl with a gorgeous black walnut wood mouthpiece and base to elevate its design and improve your smoking experience.

Because the heat-resistant bowl features a straight stem, it allows you to take consistent draws for an ultra-smooth smoking experience. 

This beautiful piece is very easy to clean and maintain with its detachable parts, and its unique and elegant design makes it perfect for anyone looking for a stylish, top-quality spoon pipe.

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5. Best Designer Spoon Pipe - K.Haring Spoon Pipe

Want to smoke out of a piece of art?

You can with this beautiful, officially licensed Keith Haring spoon deep hammer style pipe. A combination of 90’s style and modern shapes, the stem features a rimmed mouthpiece, with Keith Haring’s iconic, bright artwork on the neck and base.

This piece is designed to ergonomically fit in your hand.  You can quickly make this your daily piece if you’re an art enthusiast, Haring fan, or someone who simply appreciates a combination of smoking and fine art.

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6. Funniest Spoon Pipe - Drumstick Glass Spoon Pipe

This delicious-looking drumstick glass spoon pipe is as quirky as it is reliable. Made out of thick, high-quality glass, this pocketable drumstick comes with a generous bowl for shared sessions.

Grav Labs Glasses are made from the highest quality materials available on the market today. They’re designed to be durable, comfortable, easy to clean, and most importantly – safe. The glasses feature an anti-tarnish coating which protects against any discoloration or staining caused by smoking tobacco products.

A great instant party hit, this affordable pipe comes with a right-sided carb hole and a flattened bottom to keep it from tipping over when you place it down.

This unique-looking pipe is definitely a must in any smoker’s collection.

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7. Best Spoon Pipe for Cool Smoke - Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerin Chamber

Want the portability of a spoon pipe with the cooling, smoothing action of a bong?

The Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe with Glycerine Chambers cools down your tokes and ensures a cool smoking session.

Simply remove the freezable glycerin coil and place it in the freezer for 20 minutes before your smoke session. Then, pack your favorite herb in the removable honeycomb-style glass bowl, and smoke up!

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8. Best Small Spoon Pipe - Grav Labs Pinch Spoon Pipe

The GRAV Labs Pinch Spoon Pipe is a small piece that packs a lot of versatility.

At just 3.25 inches long, this lollipop-shaped glass pipe is easily pocketable. Its 3 mm thick borosilicate glass construction ensures this piece is your go-to pocket piece for a long time if maintained properly.

Get it in your favorite color, and pocket it away for later!


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9. Weirdest-Looking Spoon Pipe - Glass Monster Themed Spoon Pipe

If you want inspiration for your next trippy experience, you’ll definitely want to smoke out of these monster-themed spoon pipes.

Made out of durable glass, these unique, handmade spoon pipes all feature bulging eyes, wacky monster faces, and spooky, surprisingly realistic teeth. The spoon pipe you get is one of a kind, making it truly unique.

The Monster Spoons are made from high quality borosilicate glass that's been hand blown into shape by our artists in the USA. Each piece has its own personality and character, so no two pieces look exactly alike. 

Each Monster Spoon Pipe comes with an acrylic mouthpiece and a metal shank. You can choose between black or silver-colored shanks.

Get this unique piece now! Your friends will remember smoking out of this bowl!

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10. Best Signature Spoon Pipe - Inside Out Fumed Glass Spoon Pipe with Marbles

We get it. You value your aesthetic. You don’t just want any pipe. You want a signature piece that people will remember.

This elegant inside-out fumed spoon pipe is as unique as it is stylish. The spoon pipe features a pastel stripe design, clear glass marbles, and a beautiful iridescent flower design.

The bowl of this spoon pipe has been hand-blown in the USA by skilled artisans using only the finest materials available. This makes for an incredibly smooth smoking experience with no rough edges or sharp corners.

This memorable piece is a perfect signature pipe to carry everywhere.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing a good spoon pipe can be quite difficult if you are not familiar with them. There are so many different types available on the market right now, it's hard to know what will work best for you. For even more awesome options, don’t forget to check our spoon pipe collection and find the perfect pipe for you, today.

So, which spoon pipe is your favorite?



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